5 Questions To Ask From A Pet Boarding Before Leaving Your Pet Behind

Taking care of a pet is almost as hard as taking care of a baby. This is why you need to pay extra attention to all the decisions you make. Selecting a pet boarding is one such crucial decision that can affect your pet and you in the long run. This is why you need to choose the best place. In doing so, asking the right questions will be a very practical filter to figure out the best places.Here are 5 must-ask questions from a pet boarding before choosing!

“Could I have a quick tour of the facilities?”
Despite all the photos that they have uploaded in their social media platforms and their website, it is better to confirm the real status by your own eyes. It is no disrespect to request a tour because you will be leaving your pet behind with them. Unnecessary reluctance could be a sign of poor quality premises. Hence, make sure you get that tour somehow.

  • “How do the rates change? What are the hours?”
    Typically, the charges of most reliable boarding kennels go from 8-5. Although this is the usual condition, it is never a good idea to assume things when it comes to the payment perspective. Hence, be sure to ask about both the rates and the hours simultaneously. That way, you will be able to calculate the overall charge for the duration you intend on leaving your cat or dog in the boarding.
  • “How many dogs/cats are there currently and what is their nature?”
    When you’re selecting a school for a child, the first thing you should do is checking on how many children are there in the class; so that you will be able to predict how much attention your kid would get. However, you wouldn’t want to put a grade 2 child in a grade 7 class. In the same way, you need to check the amount of animals in boarding and check for compatibility; especially if it is a cat boarding Sydney.
  • “Is the facility understaffed in any manner?”
    Having a sufficient amount of employees is extremely essential for any sort a care-home, especially when it comes to animals. You might be able to control humans by giving commands but would animals be willing to do so too? That’s why you need enough people.
  • “What are the special features of your kennel?”
    There are some boarding that take pride in having larger open areas, specially cooked food and so on. It would be better to hear such features out if they offer such. Hence, make sure that you know inside out about the place.